Sunday, 25 August 2013

Car boot bargains on a lazy Sunday.

A couple of really heavy downpours over night and a bit of a grey start but brighter by 7.30 am so after putting the eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers out on the stall we nipped the 4 miles up the road to the car boot. The weather had deterred a few booters so not a huge amount there. Him Outside got a garden spade and fork for £3 for both - a good bargain. These are for our eldest and her other half who have just bought their first home. They asked us to look out for gardening stuff for them - much cheaper here than in Surrey.
I spent the grand total of £2.30 on 4 things

 Furry cover for hot-water bottle - 30p, skipping rope for the Operation Christmas Child box - 50p, a card craft kit from back in the day when Lakeland did craft stuff - £1, and a tin money box in the shape of a telephone box with an 1920's lady making a call, bought for 50p. The first 3 things all have a good use but the money box was just because I liked it and at 50p it didn't do any damage to my purse. It once held toffees according to a label on the base and sold for £4.99.
We were home by 9.30 and after picking some runner beans to put out for sale and apart from the regular campsite loo cleaning and then egg collecting, we have had a lazy day, I wrote a couple of letters, browsed through some more old craft magazines and read a bit while Him Outside listened to cricket.
Tomorrow may well be almost exactly the same!
You can't beat a lazy sunday afternoon. Someone should write a song about it!


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