Friday, 23 August 2013

Things I can't tell you about.

Four phone calls today from people who've left it rather late to look for a pitch for the weekend.  Had to say sorry to all as we have our allowance of 5 caravans booked in already.
Picked, packed and put out for sale runner beans, tomatoes, chilli peppers, cucumbers, onions, beetroot, potatoes and they were gone by midday.
Cleaned the campsite facilities and collected eggs.
Made a double size batch of tomato and herb rolls. Sat out in the sun.

That's it!

I can't tell you how we got out of huge debt - we've never had any.
I can't tell you how we are saving to pay off the mortgage - Did that 10 years ago.
I can't tell you what yellow sticker things I've bought - we have  no big supermarkets near enough that do big reductions.
I can't tell you that I'm saving for a holiday- we are not having one this year.
I can't tell you about an interesting day out - I've only been to the doctors and to Tescos this week.
I can't tell you about any food challenges that I'm taking part in - we are frugal everywhere else instead.
I can't tell you about the exciting things we will be doing over the Bank Holiday weekend - we shall be here looking after our campsite as per usual.
I can't tell you about my crafting projects - I'm not doing anything until the autumn.

I can tell you that we have a lovely smallholding in sunny Suffolk, where we live quietly, happily and simply, doing our own thing in our own way.

 That's all folks, back tomorrow.


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