Thursday, 1 August 2013

Flower show entry and a giant tomato

Many thanks to everyone who kept fingers crossed for Him Outside.News from Papworth is sort-of OK. He had a heart-stopping moment - literally - when they did the worst bit of the collapsed artery so although he will be home tomorrow he will have to go back again in a few weeks time with resting in between. Looks like I will still be busy!
I suddenly realised that the local village flower and produce show is on Saturday and as I had already made the jam and craft things I really wanted to enter them.

 Today was the last date for entries so I did a dash down to the village with my form. I decided not to do masses of cake cooking entries - not a lot of time for baking - so I'll just do Suffolk Rusks, Fruit Scones and Cheese Scones, with just a few things from the garden and the craft things. A total of  15 classes entered.

The poetry entry was a short poem about a village.
This is what I came up with
A Village

A chapel, a Pub and a Church
A lady who'll cut your hair
A School for village children
With a shop and a Post Office there

This is the perfect village
Once found both near and far
 Then along came modern life
When everyone has a car

But it is people who make a village
Who stop to laugh and chat
And the village flower and produce show
Is the ideal place for that.

My final photo today is the first of the giant Andine Tomatoes, pictured beside a £2 coin so you can see it's size. It weighed just over 13oz. They are a pain to get germinated, difficult to grow and always look as if they about to keel over. But the taste!! With virtually no seeds and a very thin skin they are just delicious.
Yes, honestly, that is a tomato! I had half for my lunch and the other half for my dinner. YUM
I really WILL get around to answering comments especially to potential campsite visitors as soon as I have a bit more time. I also need to do a review of the month for July too. Just need more hours in the day.
 Thank you everyone for your bloggy support.


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