Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shock Announcement - I Think I've gone off car boot sales!

We hadn't been to one for several weeks due to either being busy or Him Outside being stuck in hospital, so I was looking forward to a trip to the local one, and there were several boots there. I wandered up and down 10 rows- about 50 boots, found some melamine coasters with chickens on for £1.50 and a new tiny nailbrush in the shape of a duck ( 20p) to go into the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child shoebox ( I'm doing one for a girl of 10 - 14 this year.) If you haven't heard of this, with my new skill of putting links you can find out about it HERE. Although I would be surprised if you didn't know about it as they seem to send out loads of 'junk 'mail every year. After that I just couldn't be bothered to walk around the rest of the field. I hadn't even seen anything else I wanted, let alone needed.  All  Him Outside found was a small garden fork for our eldest, they've just bought their first home with a garden to tackle.So we were home again by just after 9 am.
The family were out visiting friends that they were at school with so we had a lazy afternoon and then waved them all goodbye until next time they visit.

While they were out I read one of the library books that I collected on Friday.
Karen at Chelmarsh Chunterings said she was reading this but got a bit bored.  I didn't get bored but I did get cross as I often do with books by people who have moved out of London into the country and bought a whole load of animals without having any money and anyway|if they had sold a London flat and he was still working as an estate agent in London how come they had no money?!
 Of course it all turns out happily ever after as they become completely self sufficient, they run courses on self-sufficiency, he writes for various newspapers and magazines and this is his second book.
I'm only cross as I'm slightly envious as we might have done all those things except we had children, and when we were on the radio and in the local paper it was before the internet so we didn't suddenly find ourselves famous. Actually I wouldn't want to be famous and never felt the need to spend so much time being self -sufficient that there was no time for anything else.We also never wanted to turn our smallholding into a fully fledged business. So scrub all that about being envious!
I'm not adding this to my wishlist of books to buy sometime, as I probably wouldn't want to read it again. His first book was called The Self  Sufficiency Bible and was published in 2010. I did borrow it from the library at the time but also didn't bother to look out for it cheap as it didn't tell me anything new really.
We seem to have had 2 days without doing much, Him Outside is feeling tons better so next week we really must get on with some work.


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