Saturday, 31 August 2013

Review of the month - Looking Back At August

  1. Him Outside came home from hospital  and is now feeling very well.
  2. The weather has been wonderful.
  3. Campsite income was excellent, making up for Him Outside not being able to earn any money from odd jobs for most of the month due to the heart thing.
  4. We were able to buy 9 chickens from a friend and 24 new point of lay today to replace hens that are getting old.
  5. We got a years supply of wheat from the same friend.
  6. The vegetables have been brilliant and selling well. We've had tomatoes,cucumbers,courgettes, marrows, aubergines, chilli peppers, peppers, runner beans, onions ,potatoes, carrots, red beet, lettuces.
  7. NO vegetables have been bought this month( self sufficient for the second month running)
  8. I had a lovely supply of good books from the library van
  9. I entered the village flower show for the first time in several years and achieved a couple of Firsts and a few Second and Third placings
  10. The Jeep passed it's MOT without a hitch.
  11. We got a handy income from a load of scrap
  12. Our 3 children and 2 out of three of their partners came  and we shared a big take-away treat.
  13. We got the raspberries all pruned and I made a start on the gooseberry pruning
  14. Him Outside got some of the vegetable beds cleared and covered with compost.
  15. I got a £10 voucher from Craft Creations to spend on card making supplies.
  16. Our friends came to visit for the day
  17. I tried out Approved Foods and got a good bread flour bargain.
  18. We had some nice afternoons sitting out and making the most of the good weather
  19. I carried on enjoying the blogging
Income apart from campsite was low.
Only a tiny bit of money has been saved in the ISAs for winter.
Food budget was overspent.


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