Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy Saturday!

Oh it is nice to have Him Outside home again. He has had a wander around the garden a couple of times and lots of rests. The tablets that he had to take for 8 days  to drastically lower pulse rate and blood pressure will take a while to get out of the system. Then it's 6 weeks or so of  pottering about here before another trip to Papworth after which he will be a new man! As my friend said " did you want a new man?" :-)
It's been a lovely day here today with a strong breeze keeping temperatures down to a comfortable level and a good rain during the night has watered all the outside stuff - saving me a job later.
Yesterday I said we had had a cancellation for the campsite  this weekend and today someone rang asking for a space for 3 nights so that worked out well.
My return to the world of village show competition was nice. I entered 15 classes, veg.,cookeryand crafts and came home with two firsts,six seconds and one third. Grand total of £6.70 won, less the £3 fees ( 20p  each class entered) less going up and down to Knodishall so maybe a profit of £1? But people don't enter shows for the prize money, it's to see these little stickers on the cards. I was most pleased with my 2nd for a jar of gooseberry jam. I had just enough fruit from our one red gooseberry bush to make a pound of jam and mine was the only red gooseberry. I've never won a prize in the jam classes before. Also got a second for pumpkin and pepper chutney. Firsts were for cucumbers and eggs. My poem came 2nd. Someone had come up with the idea of a poem with each line starting with the letters KNODISHALL. Very clever- why didn't I think of that!
I found a couple of books on the Church Secondhand book stall so all in all a very Happy Saturday!

Tomorrow I really will get around to doing the Review of the Month for July.


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