Friday, 2 August 2013

He is home safe and sound!!

Him Outside is now Him at Home Resting!
He had quite a nasty time at Papworth ( although the food is a lot better than that at Ipswich apparently), things didn't quite go as easily as they might have done. But he is now home and sitting in his armchair, feeling better than he has done for more than two weeks. The doctor told him that he is on "light duties" for 4 - 6 weeks until he gets back to Papworth for the second stent. I suggested this could be cooking dinner, washing dishes and wiping up !
Now I must say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to all these people who left best wishes for us over the last week and a bit.
Sadie C
The Domestic Storyteller
And I hope I haven't missed anyone
It was really nice to find all the lovely messages every day and it has  helped me  to know so many people were thinking about us.

Now some replies to questions
The giant tomatoes are a variety called Andine Cornue and I got them from The Organic Gardening Company. This is the third year we've grown them and the tomato I took the picture of is the biggest one we have ever had. They are grown in the poly tunnel and originally come from South America.

The campsite is a Camping and Caravanning Club C.S. site. In their Big Sites Book or on the web site we are 156/165. We are open until the end of October as long as the weather is OK. We should have had 5 caravan/motorhomes on site tonight but then I had a cancellation this morning. It made me smile as the lady, after apologizing for cancelling the three nights, said "we are self-employed so have to work around things". I thought -well so am I and that's £36 that I've just lost out on!

I shall have an early start tomorrow to pick and pack stuff for sale and then to choose the best 2 courgettes, cucumbers and peppers to take down to the local show. Entries have to be in before 10.30. Then I shall dash down again at 2pm to see if I've won anything and to check out the secondhand book stall and then pop back again at 4pm to collect any winnings! ( first prize =£1 second prize is 70p and third prize is 50p. So big money involved! and to bring home the cross stitched things. I'll leave the rest for auctioning off.

It's two days into August and I wanted to do my review of July but still haven't had a chance to think about things.Except to hope that August is slightly more peaceful so that I can go back to being just a Simple Suffolk Smallholder.


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