Sunday, 4 August 2013

Belated Review of the Month- Looking Back At July

On the plus side first
  1. We earned more than we spent - always a good start to the review of the month.
  2. We were able to save some into the ISAs
  3. The weather was lovely and sunny at last. ( Longest sunny spell since 2006)
  4. Despite numerous machinery breakdowns ( and a useless hay turner that will have to be returned to the place we got it from) The HUGE haymaking job was done. The first 70 bales were sold. There is still money for 230 bales to come, plus 350 more bales will provide us with a small income through the Autumn and early winter, - the man who is having  them  needs to spread his cost and we are happy to do it that way too.
  5. The campsite income was good and has been saved for winter.
  6. The path along the back of the house was finished.
  7. There were some excellent tennis matches at Wimbledon,  and Andy Murray triumphed and seemed a much less grumpy person than in previous years
  8. An excellent gooseberry harvest resulted in a grand total of 286lb. Some were put into the freezer, 12lb swapped for picture framing and the rest were sold bringing an income of approx £375!!
  9. No vegetables were bought during the whole month - we were completely self-sufficient. 
  10. The new raspberry rows gave their first good crop so with strawberries available early in the month, the only fruit bought were nectarines/peaches.
  11. Numbers 8 and 9 meant the food spending was well in budget leaving some spare to give to our youngest and her partner for food on the days they took me to hospital, and didn't have time to cook.
  12. Another lovely pile of books from the library van( most of which I haven't had time to read yet - can't think why?!)
  13. Loads of tasty fruit and vegetables to eat and to sell on the stall at the gate including Salad stuff, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Runner beans, Climbing French Beans, Chilli peppers, Beetroot, Raspberries, Courgettes, Marrows, Morello Cherries.
  14. Lots of Best wishes from fellow bloggers helped to get me through the 10 days on my own. Special mention to Bridget who sent so many positive vibes that there were none left in Dorset and her minibus failed it's MOT!
  15. Emails and a gift from my Penny Pinching friend S in  Hagley and an extra letter from my penfriend W on Tiree, also helped me through.
  16. Him Outside got small cheques for moving the irrigator,grass cutting and for rotavating at Friston allotments.
  17.  Got my paper storage sorted in the craft room for £10 after finding the drawer units at a car boot sale.

  • Little did we know that when Him Outside returned from hospital after the angiogram he would then be rushed in by ambulance and be stuck there and at Papworth for the next 10 days!
  • The hot weather and their age resulted in some of our chickens going off lay.


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