Friday, 9 August 2013

MOT Pass - Thank Heavens!

With Him Outside not being able to have a look at or service our pain-in-the-a**e of a Jeep Cherokee before it went for it's MOT, we were not at all sure if it would pass. Thank goodness it did, one less thing to sort out. The darn thing has been a pain ever since we got it although it does what we got it for - that is pulling a big trailer everywhere including over fields easily. It is very comfortable to ride in and feels very safe as it's built like a tank! But we have to take a fuse out all the time as it runs the battery down for some strange reason that no-one has been able to fathom. So we can't use the radio or central locking (slightly annoying) unless we are on a long journey and then we put the fuse in. In winter we have to make sure it's tucked up in the workshop or it's liable to sulk and not start. Every now and again we discuss changing it but then decide we might as well keep it as its 10 years old now and any other secondhand vehicle might have just as many problems. We've had it  5 years so  we've got our moneys worth out of it .

We have a pointy pepper DISASTER! the pointy peppers are NOT SWEET! it was a packet bought from a car boot sale, they look right, but they are hot as chillies. The proper sweet ones are one of Him Outsides favourite things in a salad, so he is bereft!

Hip Hip Hooray - it's library van day! It doesn't seem like 4 weeks since I last had the book photo but here it is again. This is today's haul and the problem is that I didn't have time to read all of last months so have rather a lot of library books to get through in the next four weeks.
Actually that's not a problem at all!


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