Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How the day goes by on a simple Suffolk Smallholding

 A beautiful sunny morning and we were up and outside by 7am  so that by 8am we had picked, packed and put out on the stall  
 10 boxes of eggs
3 cucumbers
4 bags of good tomatoes
1 bag of cooking tomatoes
2 bunches of beetroot
2 bunches of carrots
2 bags of onions
1 bag of courgettes
4 bags of potatoes
3 large bags of runner beans
1 small bag of runner beans
1 bag of chilli peppers
2 aubergines
And 1 large courgette masquerading as a marrow ( or vice versa)

(By 11 am the whole lot had gone!)

A couple more jobs indoors, washing hung out and we were ready for a cup of coffee by 9am. Bread started, lots of weeding done and  we had another coffee at 10.45!
2 cheques in the post for campsite deposits and new cartridges for the printer. So cheques put away, printer sorted, more campsite welcome leaflets photocopied, potatoes prepared for dinner,bread finished, campsite loos cleaned, some things shifted with the tractor bucket and we were hungry and ready for lunch( lots of home grown salad with some blue cheese, then raspberries) by just after midday.
An hour sitting down, then washing up and wiping up and tidying up. Checking chickens water and collecting and sorting eggs(me) bashing the old hay mower with a hammer to see why it stopped working(Him) and by 2.30 it is time for a proper rest ( Him) and I'm ready for a shower.( No early showers here as we have to wait for the sun to heat the solar water thingy on the roof).
Then a cuppa and a biscuit and some brain work as He watches  Rachel Riley Countdown and I half watch while pinning up the hem on a pair of too long shorts that I'm shortening.
More weeding ( Him) and sewing up the shorts  hem ( me).
Then it's outside to check the chickens water and to pick up any late eggs (me) while he checks emails, then goes out to the poly tunnel to prepare an empty bit for seed sowing.
 Next I pick and prepare some french beans for dinner and we get dinner sorted. ( The other half of yesterdays cheese and tomato quiche,fried potatoes and the gorgeous french beans.) A few more of the last raspberries for dessert. Local news on TV, more washing  and wiping up, watering polytunnels, a shave and shower for Him,  an evening reading and watching TV (and blog reading for me) and that's another day gone!

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, the whole of blogland has now got men peeing on compost heaps! and Bridgets comment made me smile.


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