Friday, 16 August 2013

Thoughts on Friday

  • It's funny how today has been a nothing accomplished sort of day, the complete opposite of Wednesday
  • That bit of rain must have helped the garden
  • I hope the campers on bikes found some shelter
  • Wonder if there is anything interesting in this Autumn garden catalogue
  • Better write that cheque for the hay mower repair even though the darn thing went wrong  somewhere else and we still couldn't use it
  • There are too many flies in this house today
  • Why do people buy ice cubes from a supermarket?
  • I'm glad they've still got nectarines for £1
  • Why has our Hospice charity shop become a clearance shop, do they think Leiston is only good enough for the dregs from their other charity shops?
  • Ah ha, a "new" vest top for only a pound!
  • How can doctors be running nearly an hour late by 10.20am?
  • How come we have a whole stack of odd bits of wood but nothing that's the right size to make new chicken perches?
  • Wonder why nobody wants to buy the cucumbers today.
  • Actually I think we could host some coffee,cake and craft mornings for smallholders in winter
  • Noodles or rice?
  • Must remember to phone up about going to the AGM/harvest meal
  • Pro-rata sick pay for temporary County Council staff, how odd but handy.
  • How on earth are we going to shift 6 giant round straw bales from one shed to another?
  • Oh I see- the front forks of the tractor, then shove and roll!
  • Nothing much on TV again tonight.
  • Where's the pen from near the phone gone- AGAIN
  • Shall we get 24 or 30 new point of lay hens at the end of the month
  • Better go and do the watering
  • Bye, Blogging friends, see you tomorrow


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