Thursday, 25 April 2013

Two Yummy things today

Quick, quick just time to blog before doing dinner.
I started reading one of the library books that I was looking forward to. It's the fifth in a series of historical crime by Rory Clements called Traitor. Very well written set in Shakespeares England and about political intrigues of the time. Very excited to find note in the back saying TV series is in production that should be good.
Thank you again to everyone who is reading this and apologies for not replying individually but enjoy you comments and also very much love looking at everyone's pictures of their good books.
We've enjoyed another lovely day here and best of all two first of the season yummy things. For lunch we had ONE SPEAR each of ASPARAGUS. Such a treat ( we eat with the seasons so rarely buy things we don't grow - celery maybe, carrots as they don't do well here or an occasional cauliflower or calabrese, though we had to buy spuds this year after our almost total crop failure last year). The second treat is for dinner tonight - THE FIRST OF THE PURPLE SPROUTING BROCCOLI. So there was 1 good thing about the cool spring , leeks, cabbages and purple broc. have often run to seed by now and I still have good edible onions in the shed- often squishy by late April.
Should be pic here but it's frozen on the file I think.
Last night I was hopping from blog to blog and came across a couple of people who blog  about being on benefits and really struggling as things get tighter and systems fail. Made me wonder what right had I, who knows nothing about this to write about frugal living . Feel grateful to have married someone who has always had a job he enjoyed ( always average wage , not great wealth ) and to have found ways to live the way we want.What would we have done if we hadn't been able to buy that first house back in 1978, or if we hadn't been able to work on houses to do them up and sell again. Who knows?
Him Outside got the  ground for the new polytunnel beds sorted today with the rotervator and some boards for edges, we've got some old slabs around that will make paths in between.
Also filled some big pots with soil ready for planting out the climbing French beans. We LOVE the thin pencil green beans -and grow in pots so they can be right by the back door so we remember to water and feed and pick often. The first lot are hardening off in a sheltered spot and the second lot are just peeping through in their trays in the greenhouse.


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