Friday, 26 April 2013

Now Heres a strange thing

Once again I tried to transfer a photo from the file to the blog and it wouldn't work. I've tried a few times today with always the same result - nothing. Then all of a sudden everything suddenly clicked. The "add selected" bit went from pale blue to dark blue and the uploading bar started off  and there was the picture HOW VERY ODD.
 The picture is our woodburner which I had to light this afternoon after a few days not needing it. I wanted to sit and finish the |Rory Clements book and got really chilly. We were 10 degrees cooler here this afternoon than yesterday and then we had a storm with pea sized hail stones. Hope they didn't do any damage.
Bought myself a treat today - a 33p black cherry yoghurt. I reckon that's how you know if you are frugal - when a 33p yoghurt is a special treat ! My other regular treat is also not a lot, it's a sachet of Co-op Cappuccino Fairtrade instant  coffee mix with chocolate sprinkle bits = 26p. I really know how to live the high life!


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