Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Good gardening day

Yesterday our local TV weather lady said the temps here today would be up to 18 C but they were wrong 'cos we had horrible sea mist drizzle first thing and then a chilly wind for the rest of the day but at least it was fine and we got several more jobs done in the vegetable beds and I got more climbing french beans and pumpkins sown.( not outside, but in pots in greenhouse). The broad beans that we covered with two layers of fleece are OK and even a few early potatoes up under black plastic - now ridged up and recovered until the weekend frost is past then we will cover with fleece.
The most exciting thing happened an hour ago as I was washing up the dinner things, and glancing up outside saw 2 swallows on the wire. Rushed out to take pic. but even with zoom they are just dots,but they really are swallows ! Summer MUST be on the way. Is it 2 swallows that make a summer??
I expect most frugallers get the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert regular Wednesday email. In case you don't - There was a message today about downloading a voucher for a free visit to most NT properties for this weekend. Could be a good day out for just traveling costs. It is for up to max 2 adults and 2 children.Our only near NT is Sutton Hoo but we've been a few times (when we still had an income that afforded membership!) so may go somewhere else except we've already used most of this months allocation of diesel money, so maybe just a trip to the car boot sale up the road!
My favourite thing about NT properties is their shops and secondhand bookshops = NOT VERY FRUGAL. When the children were small membership of English Heritage was very good value and we spent many happy holidays climbing castles which are more fun for kids (and me) than posh houses - although I like looking at the kitchens.
Must stop blethering on and  get my a book finished before Friday library van. Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes, my present from Him Outside - the camera that we couldn't fathom - is being looked at by the man in the local computer shop.


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