Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Thank-yous

This blogging is fun, I keep getting some lovely comments and finding people with the same books on their shelves is good. So thank you to Karen, Mean Queen, Frugal in Derbyshire, Pam, sft and Dc  and  anyone I've forgotten for all the input. Still only one other person who has heard of The Penny Pincher Paper and that was buttercup do you have a blog buttercup? She asked ( I'm guessing a lady :) ) if I ever wrote for the Penny Pincher Paper ( see yesterdays blog) and the answer was yes. I wrote bits called "From a Suffolk Smallholding" every other month for a couple of years and was quite upset when John and Irma Mustoe gave up and the Paper stopped. Although I reckon it took a lot of time to put together a 30 page Newsletter every month. I have also been writing on and off for about 15 years for the Suffolk Smallholders Society Newsletter. I just love writing.
Yesterday I got on my soapbox and |I really shouldn't do that as I sound like a grumpy old person, But I think I'm only grumpy now and again. At least I HOPE its only now and again.
Watched the Countryfile  7 day weather forecast yesterday and they are saying we will be back to cold and frosts by the weekend which is a worry as the plants in the greenhouse are getting quite big. The cucumbers are in 4 inch pots and have teenie baby cucs appearing, so I shall have to get them out into the polytunnels soon and then cover them with fleece if it looks like freezing. Cucumber seeds are so expensive as because we sell them I only buy the F1 all female variety. The tomatoes will need moving into bigger pots if I can't get them out to the tunnel soon.

Yesterday we went a few miles up the road to a regular fortnightly car boot sale,  we took a shopping list as we needed to look for some things for the new campsite loo/ shower. Luckily  we found everything :- a rubbish bin with a swing top lid =£1, two pine-framed small mirrors =£2.50 each, a tall plastic jug for 50p which will do for the loo brush( that I already had), a mop bucket and mop = £3 and finally a pine shelf unit =£1. Unfortunately all this frugal luck was somewhat spoiled today as I had to order a couple of non-slip door mats and a 'slippery floor' sign from Viking- the office supply company. When running a business you have to - Think Health and Safety at all times!! - Our public liability insurance is one of our biggest costs.
I also found 6 sheets of peel -off stickers for cardmaking for £1 for all six, I could have bought lots more card crafting stuff but had to be very strict with myself. And my final purchase was a couple of sets of old but unused commemorative stamps - over £3 worth of stamps for £2. They just need making up to the right amount to post at todays prices with a few 1p stamps.
Him Outside got the best bargain as he found a complete set of really good quality drill bits for £5 ( about 15 various sizes in a proper case). A couple of weeks ago he broke a masonry drill bit while fixing the campsite loo to the floor and had to buy a new one which was £6 just for 1 !


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