Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Hi folks in frugal blogland. This is a post of Thank you messages to Everyday Life on a Shoestring, Karen , Pam, Scarlet, Bridget, Dc and Frugal in Derbyshire, to say thank you for reading all my ramblings and especially to Sft who caught up with the weeks blogs yesterday and put a comment on every one! That's comment dedication I reckon! Sft said she thought I probably lived in a rural part of Suffolk and Yes we certainly do. The picture at the top is taken by walking out of the front gate and crossing the road and looking over the hedge. Field as far as you can see. If I walked up to the top of our field at the back the picture would be much the same except for the giant pylons that stride away across the country taking electricity from the Sizewell power station to everyone.To our right we have another field then a wood and to our left we have ........another field although there is a house ( Londoners Second Home) just in view. We do have two neighbours over the road just to the right of the above picture.
I enjoyed my cherry yoghurt today and someone mentioned I could use the pots for plants, but I don't do that, for the very good reason that I have hundreds of proper flower pots that I get just by putting a sign outside saying " Flowerpots Wanted". I then find bags of them left for me everytime I open the door. If I only have 1 yoghurt every six months it would take rather a long time to collect what I need for plants !!! Plus there is another good reason and tha'ts because if you are selling \to General Public then it is better to have things in proper pots. If you sell through a market of any sort then things must be in clean pots with proper labels. When we first moved here I bought 1000 plant labels for almost nothing from a garden supply warehouse and I'm still using them. The ones that are not in pots that get sold are scrubbed clean with a scourer and re-used. So I don't have to cut up plastic containers for labels either - leaving me more time to sit in the sun in the conservatory. Which is just what I plan to do for the rest of the afternoon.
Hope you are able to have a Sunday rest too.


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