Monday, 15 April 2013

Moving seedlings and cutting grass

What a lovely day it's been here, lots of sunshine and a good breeze to get the washing dry. We seem to have gone from winter to spring at last. A few days ago the trees and bushes looked lifeless but today sticky buds on our Horse Chestnut and lots of little leaves on the gooseberry bushes

I put the bread to rise in the conservatory,which was fine while I was indoors to remember to look at it, but then when it went into tins for it's second rise I went outside to my potting shed and moved several dozen tiny seedlings of cabbages and calabrese from their seed trays into little modules, forgot to look at bread and it had gone mad overflowing the tins so that when I moved them to the oven they collapsed making flat topped loaves which will taste OK but look weird.
Him Outside is getting on well with the campsite shower and then he got the ride-on mower out to cut the campsite grass. We used to do it with the tractor and gang-mowers but when the mowers seized up he bought another set off eBay which appeared to be fine but actually were complete rubbish. So until we can sort them out he goes back and forwards on the small mower which takes an age. After that he moved a bit more chippings on to the campsite driveway and then his next job was to go and finish a bit of work on a shed for a customer which he thought he HAD finished but they found another little job for him. They've paid their bill so that's good.
I thought the schools were back today but maybe not as there has not been much passing traffic and there are still eggs left unsold, which is a pain. At least this dry spell means the eggs are nice and clean when I collect them.
One of my favourite things for dinner tonight - Pork belly slices done in Hoisin sauce ( With added ingredients of water, soy sauce, brown sugar, vinegar and Chinese 5 spice) 20 minutes in oven without sauce, drain off fat, add sauce mix, then another 40 minutes basting regularly. Lovely, sticky, Chinesey flavoured meal without leaving the house to fetch a takeaway. We will have with noodles and stir-fry veg - carrots( value bag from Tesco at this time of year) onion (home grown) and peppers( home grown last year, sliced, open freeze on trays and then tip into a bag, thaw in a sieve so they drain a bit then add to stir fry last.) YUM


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