Saturday, 13 April 2013

A good busy Saturday

As usual another busy day. Him Outside was off on his tractor quite early this morning. He was going to plough a part of a field that is to be used for allotments in one of our local villages.It has been delayed for weeks  because someone in an office somewhere has sat on legal documents for the owner of the field to pass it on to a newly formed allotment association.Hopefully all the eager people waiting to get started won't have to wait much longer. This afternoon he changed the plough on the back for the loading shovel on the front and shoveled up some shingle to put on the muddy bits of the campsite driveway. Then he cleaned out a chicken shed! Which is why he was really ready for this good plate of home made curry, home made naan bread and home made onion bhaji.
The total cost of this big yummy meal is not a lot really. The curry ingredients are 2 small leeks (home grown) half an onion ( home grown), 1 apple (reduced at Tesco). Knob of butter, 1 desert spoonful of curry powder, 1 desert spoon of flour, teaspoon sugar, 1 Tablespoon of home made chutney and some cooked turkey that's been in the freezer since Christmas( given to us for helping some new smallholders with some work and advice).
Rice is not as cheap as it was once but still good value bought in a big bag from Asda.
Home made naans are flour, yeast, baking powder,milk, an egg( our eggs are the ones we can't sell because they are too big/small/odd shaped) and lemon juice and pinch salt. ( I make a big batch and freeze and will do the proper recipe to post next time I make them).
Onion bhaji is a new recipe using the ingredients list on the back of a packet of bhaji mix sent to me by my Penny Pinching Friend Sandra. ( she got them from approved foods, and we tried the ready mix last week ) This was interesting to work out and try and I nearly got it right except for making them a bit too wet. The main ingredient is Chickpea or Gram  flour (50g = 12 pence) plus tiny bit of turmeric,cumin,chilli powder, bicarb,baking powder, coriander, garlic powder and salt. I didn't have dried onion, black onion seed and dried jalapeno pepper which are also listed but figured that wouldn't matter. You mix this powder with a little water and then a sliced onion and then deep fry 'til crispy golden.  Result according to Him Outside was that they were better than the original packet mix  as they were not quite so hot - making a different flavour to the hot curry.
This morning I got small courgette seedlings moved into bigger pots, sowed some squash and pumpkin seed and did a big heap of ironing - HATE THAT JOB! - but don't like crumpled clothes and tea towels so has to be done now and then. At least I don't iron undies and socks like my late mum did!


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