Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday rest

The world and his wife have gone to the seaside today ( we went too but got back before the masses arrived) from 3 miles away we can hear the constant stream of traffic down the A road, loads of motorbikes too they are sooooo noisy!
We fancied a blast of sea air and we certainly got that because at the time we went it was still really chilly with drizzle in the air. This is our cold grey north sea and the boats on the river behind.

This afternoon the weather was much improved so after doing one job outside ( putting some wire netting around the inside of the old goat paddock to give the chickens some fresh grass) we declared an afternoon of rest.We soon got our feet up in the conservatory and Him Outside snoozed while I finished my book. The library van is due Friday and all this playing in blogland means I still have 5 books unread. Better get reading :)  although maybe not ALL 5!


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