Monday, 8 April 2013

Just a usual busy time.

Thank goodness for that bit of sunshine on Saturday, Sunday and today. It made getting the campsite ready for the season much easier.The signs that direct people in, tell them the way to the house, describe what goes in each bin,tells them which is the drinking water tap and where the toilet disposal place is are all up so we are ready. Yes, we do have lots of signs! but you would be surprised how lost some visitors get.
We put up all the pitch markers on the caravan side ( we are allowed 5 caravans or motorhomes) but the ones for the camping bit needed a coat of paint ( room for 6 tents) as did the FIRE bucket, so that's what I've been doing today - as well as baking bread, collecting, cleaning and boxing eggs, writing a shopping list for one of our rare trips to the "Big Town" ( Ipswich), hanging out washing and getting it in again and making a pie for dinner.
Him Outside has also been working for one of his gardening customers, clearing away some of the scrap-wood that we have here ready for the wood-burner, doing more work on the new shower, delivering a load of horse muck from one neighbour to another neighbour, finishing the job of sealing a shed roof for another customer  and moving some shingle to fill some of the mud spots on the campsite driveway.
Just a usual busy time!


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