Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Foreign Language!!!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the blog and suggested how to add things like a list of which blogs I follow. Unfortunately this is like talking to me in a Foreign language!
So until I can work that out, the blog will have to stay just a simple diary or I fear it will all end in tears!
Mind you, if someone could explain to me in words of one syllable  why the times I post a new blog are all wrong  and how to change them it would be much appreciated.
Meanwhile the weather report for today is:-  at last sunshine and less of that cold east wind. Still not what you could call warm though.
I've been busy in my potting shed sowing seeds of calabrese, red cabbage, more courgettes, squash, leeks and climbing beans. The broad bean seeds sown two weeks ago and put in the greenhouse still show no sign of emerging from the trays so the things I've sown today have been squeezed onto the kitchen windowsills along with the pepper  and tomato seedlings.
Him Outside has been busy preparing the campsite loos and shower for the new holiday season,  we have one or two very annoying leaks in the new pipework that will have to be sorted before he does the non-slip flooring in the shower.
Another sign of things to come today when we were able to eat the first few radishes of the new season. These were sown in the polytunnel several weeks ago but worth the wait to liven up a scrambled egg sandwich at lunch time.

Yesterday I managed to SET FIRE TO MY HOOVER!!! I think there must have been a hot piece of ash or wood on the hearth when I whizzed round cleaning not long after Him Outside had lit the woodburner. I suddenly realised I had smoke coming out of the bucket part of my cylinder - an ever so reliable Vax Pro. I rushed it through to the kitchen and back door but forgot to unplug so had to put it down, rush back, unplug, rush back to kitchen, open back door and get it outside. By the time I could lift off the motor part and haul out the smoking bag it had burned a hole in the plastic bucket.  The smell left indoors was HORRIBLE! I have an awful feeling that although the motor is still OK the filters etc. smell so bad that even though H.O mended the hole with mastic, I may not be able to use it again. I bet any new cleaner I buy won't last so many years. So very annoying and something that could have been avoided. Oh well- that's life.


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