Friday, 19 April 2013

A Quiet day

Today I am tired. We live in the middle of arable fields. Only 2 other houses within 100yds yet last night at 2am I was woken by noise and bright lights and looked out to see A TRACTOR AND ITS ATTENDING LOADER SPREADING FERTILIZER ON THE FIELDS- 2am !! What the heck? We have a new farmer farming land around us, they farm 1000s of acres from here all down the coast and right into Essex. They are efficient and produce a lot of food including vegetables to feed a lot of people and I've lived in the country, and been associated with farming, long enough to know some work has to be done quickly while there is no wind or before rain BUT 2 am??? So today I'm tired and as I'm a person who needs my sleep it will take me days to recover.
I did summon up the energy to cycle a mile and a bit down to the village for the library van which due to " cutbacks" now only comes once in 4 weeks. Came home with a good pile, most of which I had ordered on-line, but only a couple that I'm really looking forward to reading. Several are authors that I've not read before so shall see what they are like.
Yesterday I wrote about finding the blog of Shirley Goode, so today I got her books out to have another look and found, folded inside, cuttings from old magazines also about her ideas for money saving in the kitchen. The books are well thumbed I think all except the Goode Kitchen  came from carboot sales years ago. The largest of the books was one I didn't know about until I found it at our local car boot just a couple of years ago. Looking through the books was like visiting  old friends. They are well thumbed as they were used a lot when the children were small.
Dinner tonight was a frugal lasagne which uses ( for 2 people) three quarters of a tin of pilchards in tomato sauce which is mixed with some dried herbs and a squirt of tom. puree. The lasagne is made in the usual way, white sauce, value sheets of lasagne. Cover with foil for 20 minutes in oven the top with grated cheese and finish for 5 minutes uncovered. When I've described this in the past I have seen people turn up their noses but it is really  surprisingly tasty. The other pilchard will make us sandwiches tomorrow.
Just heard worrying thing on local news. A group of 5 traveler families moved onto a big campsite about 10 miles from us, refused to pay, refused to get off and when bailiffs and police were called they didn't make them move but let them stay until Monday. I've heard this happening in other places but never in Suffolk. It might be a big problem and we shall have to install some sort of way to stop them coming here but when legitimate  visitors to the site are coming and going it's difficult to know what to do.
That's my lot for today. Sleep well!


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