Friday, 12 April 2013

Plants moved out at last

Finally after days of carrying all the veg. plants ( 6 big trays full) backwards and forwards between the kitchen at night and the conservatory by day, I have shifted them all out and squeezed  them into our small greenhouse. Where- fingers crossed - they will be OK until their final move into the polytunnels. We've got 2 small tunnels, like many smallholders we know, we started with one then found it is best not to grow cucumbers and tomatoes together as the cucs. like it hot and wet and steamy and the toms. prefer hot, dry and airy. When Him Outside worked full time we grew for us plus selling the excess at the gate. Now he is employed 3 days a month at his old job and self-employed for the rest of the time so we've increased what we grow for selling. Last year we were given another polytunnel frame and some time in the next couple of months we need to get it sorted. That will be fun! I shall definitely post pictures of  struggling with the plastic cover.
Then I made some tomato and herb bread rolls and this is where I would have put the recipe and picture but we couldn't get the new camera, bought for me for a birthday present (as the one I've been using really belong to Him Outside's employers) to work properly, so that will have to wait for another day.
I also started sorting out the things that have stood in the middle of the small spare room since last summer. ( good thing we didn't need the room for visitors) I dragged them out of the roof cupboard ready to sort for taking to a car boot but then of course last summer it rained nearly every car boot day. This year we MUST get them out of the way.

Weather report - some bits of sunshine then huge downpours of rain and hail. Oh Wonderful! 


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