Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Beautiful Saturday

What a beautiful day here on the Suffolk coast, wall to wall sunshine. The kind of day that makes you think things WILL be OK. The wind was a tad chilly but we can forgive that. We got lots of jobs done outside and in the greenhouse. More seeds sown, small courgette and pepper plants moved into bigger pots, tidying up in the new campsite shower, clearing out the shed  where I'm going to put tourist information leaflets and a mini library, delivering the very last load of hay to a friend.Best of all Him Outside got the frame of the "new" polytunnel sorted. Its actually a very old frame given us by a friend who wanted it shifted, several of the metal pipes have rusty ends and wonky bits but he has rescued the best and it is huge. Plenty of room for growing dozens of tomato plants to make lots of tomatoes to sell. Now we just need to measure it and send for the plastic to cover it. I've also found I need a new automatic window opener for the greenhouse as after many, many years of use the one we have has broken and it's no good relying on my memory to open and shut the window!
Nice surprise in the post was a belated birthday present from our eldest daughter who works in the busy, busy world of textile design in London. She rang in a panic on the day apologizing for forgetting to post it as she has been so busy at work and with organising a friends hen party.
She sent this lovely tea towel designed by a small company called Beetroot Press.
Whoops........ seem to have uploaded all 3 pictures at once. 1st is the left-hand greenhouse shelf, lots of plants.2nd is the new polytunnel frame and 3rd is the lovely tea towel. Now the other day I'm sure I saw a way to turn photos round but of course now I don't know where I saw it. Any ideas?


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