Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Potting plants

This morning I potted up some tomato,aubergine and cucumber plants into bigger pots. This has been a good year for getting things started in my little windowsill propagator, but a bad year for putting them out in the greenhouse. It's been much too draughty and cold out there, so all the trays of plants have been in the kitchen at night and out into the conservatory during the day. This involves much carrying backwards and forwards twice a day as there are 8 cucumber, 8 aubergine, 70 tomato and 36 pepper plants! BUT whats this I hear?! 18 degrees C on Sunday and no more cold east wind! AT LAST! spring might be here. Perhaps I shall finally get those pots out into the greenhouse. That will just leave the next round of seedlings to prick out - cabbage, calabrese, basil and another lot of things  to put into bigger pots -courgette and squash. Hopefully by then we will be able to start planting in the polytunnel.
This is some of the small plants on the kitchen windowsill a few weeks ago.
Note the foil on cardboard to give some reflected light which stops the plants getting too "leggy"


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