Thursday, 18 April 2013

£30 reward - yipee!

Thank you to Ilona at Life after money for the hint about the £30 on Moneysupermarket. Him Outside is well pleased as the £30 has gone into Paypal which is used mainly by him for bits and pieces for the smallholding !
If you read my list of 30 ways to save £1, you will notice several typing errors and spelling mistakes, my excuse is that I did the list in a rush and didn't proof read. Very embarrassing as I did my RSA 1  typing in about 1977 and I ought to remember, then I did proof reading as part of a City and Guild Library Assistants course in about 1979 -what a long time ago, in a different world.
Not a lot of gardening done today as it was too cold and windy, so I had a really good tidy up in my craft room/ office/spare room and made a space to spread out the paperwork for my tax return. Luckily the campsite never earns enough to pay any tax and is quite straight forward to do. I like to get it done quickly in case I forget and there are fines involved if it isn't done by October on paper returns.
I was playing in blog land and came across a couple of frugal type blogs by blokes which I thought would be interesting to have a look at for a different perspective on things. Then I found a blog done by a lady called Shirley Goode who wrote several books about living on less - especially cooking- back in the early 1980's. She also appeared on TV doing cooking. It was a surprise to find that she had her 80th birthday on the same day as my 58th.
My only frugal tip for today is if you need to make 6 sausages feed 4 people without looking mean, then twist them in the middle gently squeezing the meat, cut through to make 12 mini sausages and put into a Yorkshire pudding. Then you can dish up 3 half sausages each and it is plenty for even husbands and hungry 25 year olds.