Sunday, 26 October 2014

We never fear the post dropping through the letterbox

I've seen programmes on TV about people in debt, worrying about everything that comes through the letterbox. Hiding bills and final demands in cupboards, refusing to open them and sort out their problem.

We don't have that worry here. If a bill arrives it has been budgeted for, the money is available, the bill is paid as soon as possible. I don't like owing or being owed money.

So on the whole we welcome things dropping on the mat, letters from friends are best, garden catalogues are for winter reading, charity mailings often have pens or cards in, even unwanted junk mail is sometimes useful and most things get looked at and either put in the recycling bin or burned.
Often the postman brings  surprises
Like these on Friday and Saturday
The rosette is from the Camping and Caravanning club. It means that a visitor to our site has taken the trouble to nominate us in the Certificated Site Friendly Welcome category, and I will display this rosette, along with the two we got last year, in the recreation/information room next season.

The die-cut banners are my prize for winning a competition in the Craft Creations Summer magazine. There are £20 worth of different greetings. Enough to last forever I think.

Coming home from Woodbridge yesterday we saw that there was an extra car boot sale today, so we popped up the road early. Not many car boots there, so C managed a slow walk round. No exciting finds, £1.99 for 3 pairs of thermal socks for C, 50p spent on a cross stitch book mark kit ( Did I say somewhere NO MORE CROSS STITCH KITS EVER? - whoops, I shall ebay it I think) and C spent  £1 on 5 wet/dry sandpaper block things and 50p on an extension lead socket. According to the sign there will be two more boot sales - weather permitting - on the first 2 Sundays in November.

Two more followers via  Google, goodness me, up to 223. Welcome Laurie and Laura. Bloglovin' is up to 217 and I think the new follower there is Finola - welcome to you too.

Thank you for cheese comments yesterday. Being frugal I should have taken the cheese back but it's a matter of taste with cheese , some people may have thought it OK. Anyway C chucked it on the fire before I had decided what to do with it so that was the end of that. Driving to Saxmundham would have cost me more than £1 and I'm not sure if I will be going that way this week anyway.

Several blogging friends have asked how C is. He is OK apart from lacking energy and short of breath, with horrible indigestion every time he moves. We don't know if the symptoms are connected to the heart attack or something different, so more checks will have to happen sometime.
 He will be extremely fed up by the time we get to the end of 4 months of  recuperation.

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