Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Review of both August and September

I didn't get around to doing a review for August, so here's a quick catch up, it seems a long time ago already.
Both lists have the good, the bad and the ugly all mixed together!

  • Plenty to sell at the gate during the first two weeks before things started to slow down.
  • The campsite shower broke down but we had the spare ready to fit.
  • We were busy with campsite visitors all month
  • Money put aside for winter
  • Round bale hay delivered 
  • Straw baled and brought home
  • Plenty of library books
  • C got down some dead trees from the field hedgerow.
  • Wheat, for chickens  bought off ebay for a good price
  • Approved foods delivery, stocked up on noodles,lasagne,bread flour, powdered milk.
  • Went swimming for the first time for years :-)  but haven't been since :-(
  • I went down with flu like symptons which turned into pneumonia and finished the month with a couple of nights in hospital.

   And September
  •  An expensive month but all budgeted for.
  • We were able to put some money into savings
  • A lovely warm month with dry weather, so plenty of work for C moving the irrigation stuff
  • My health and strength returned as the month progressed
  • Good income from pumpkins
  • Lots of good books again
  • A terrible apple crop from the 2 cooking apple trees, some apples rotting on the trees and others falling too soon 
  • Sold our old greenhouse and got it moved to it's new home.
  • I only got to 1 boot sale all month which is both good ( less spending) and bad (I might have missed lots of bargains!)
  • We've been given 3 large bags of cooking apples
  • A lovely family get-together with all C's side of the family 
  • And good news on my side of the family as my sister and bro-in-law are going to move closer to us.
  • Lots of pears from the 1 old and 2 young trees put in the freezer
  • Campsite not as busy as it is sometimes for September. 
  • I did my first ever Giveaway for the 500th post and posted off some books to the person who's name was drawn out - and never heard a word to say if they got them or not! 
  • I asked if Home farmer Magazine would like me to do a review on the blog and they said Yes.
 That's about all I can think of. August and September seem to have gone in a flash.

 Thank you for lots of comments yesterday, so many, I shall make a list!
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 Starting a craft club is something I couldn't do, as I've said before, because of where we live I've never got to know many people even though we've been here 22 years. We only have two neighbours! So many other houses around are second homes, standing empty most of the time, and villages are over a mile away. For instance-- I bike to the library van where it stops in Friston our nearest village - just over a mile away, I am the only person who uses the van there, I sit in the bus shelter to wait and never see a soul walking about the village. There are no shops, no post office, no pub. So many villages in Suffolk are like this.
 The children were already school age when we moved here so the friends I made through playgroups and Scouting were all left behind in Mid Suffolk.  Once we moved here they went to school by school bus so I never got to meet people in the playground.  I'm not a great joiner of clubs and all our energy went into the Suffolk Smallholders Society when we were involved ( C was vice chair and chairman for several years, I did membership for yonks and we helped to organise the shows too)  so the friends we made  through that tended to be spread all over the whole county. The Society no longer has a social aspect to it - sadly.

Anyway,I shall write the date of the  first needlecraft group in my diary and see what mood I'm in on the day!

Back tomorrow


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