Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Delivering and collecting and putting money in the bank! ( and Tree Link)

We had an hour or so out this morning collecting chicken feed from the mill, delivering 2 IBC tanks to the man who rang up the other day and putting the last weeks takings from campsite, eggs, pumpkin and squash sales and Cs work into the bank for winter and into the ISA for savings. It is so pleasing to know that if the chickens stop laying and if C does no work for anyone from now to April we will still be able to survive!. The first winter after he finished working for the council we hadn't got so organised on the smallholding and didn't have so much money put away. We could have tapped into savings but managed without - just!

The weather got windier as the day went on but not much rain so C was able to clean out two of the chicken sheds this afternoon and he brought round some more of the pumpkins ready to sell as soon as they are a bit less green. They have been stood under the shed veranda - we knew it would come in handy for something. The squash are still selling well and we have now sold 2 of the giant pumpkins.
The wind is knocking a lot of the eating apples off the trees, this bowl full was quickly picked up and brought in, I'm not sure what variety they are but they are delicious.
Most of the poor quality cooking apples have already fallen and been picked up and another 7 bags went into the freezer and another crumble made for the rest of the week.

As it's the 7th of the month it is tree following day, linking up with Loose and Leafy . There is not really much change from last month with our pink flowered Horse Chestnut

  the leaves are turning brown and lots have fallen
  and look what I found on the ground, one of only two I could see. This type of chestnut never has many conkers.You can see why this tree is called the Buck-eye in the states.

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