Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More campsite clearing and a book question

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Thank you to everyone for comments about mincemeat. I think some people didn't realise that there is a link there to the recipe which is online as well as in her book.

Dc at Frugal in Norfolk asked if I could remember a book I recommended a while back, a war time diary, maybe about an RAF wife. I can't for the life of me remember a book about an RAF wife.
 This is my picture of my WWII books , which was on the blog early last year is it one of these?

These are the diaries that I have picked out from the shelves, is it one of these?

If it was a library book some are pictured under the label of Library book pictures. Otherwise I'm stumped.

This morning, while the bread dough was rising, we went around the campsite and took down all the pitch markers and other signs to store them out of the weather. C rode on the mower with the trailer on the back and I unscrewed all the signs. Some will need a bit of paint before next season We even managed between us to roll the picnic table onto the trailer and store that away too. Then we went up to the empty chicken shed and cleared up a few more things that were laying around including one roll of electric fence. There is still another 50 metres to take down and put away sometime.
This afternoon while I was collecting and sorting eggs C used the ride on mower again to cut the grass in the orchard. We would be lost without that mower!

Before he cut the grass I nipped round to pick up a few more windfalls.
I haven't done a "what home grown and home produced food is available to eat today" list lately so here it is for the 28th October.
From the garden:- Cabbage ( red and green), Chard, kale,parsnips,leeks, last of the carrots, swedes,beetroot, apples both eating and cooking
From the poly-tunnels:- last of the tomatoes, lettuce, radish and salad leaves, a few late peppers.
From Store:- Squash, pumpkin, onions, potatoes
From the freezer:- Lots of apricots, apples, pears, smaller amounts of raspberries, strawberries and cherries. Peppers and broad beans
From the kitchen:- Home made bread, jam and cakes.

C had a phone call today from the heart aftercare nurse. She had read through all his notes  and it seems that the traces of the chemical in the blood that shows a heart attack was so small that it was almost not a heart attack! If he was employed somewhere not doing heavy work he would be back at work in 4 weeks. What good news. His tablets may need some juggling to see whats best for him and the doctor will need to organise some other checks too. So he is feeling very reassured.

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