Saturday, 11 October 2014

Here we go again!

Yesterday morning was all normal and yesterday afternoon was OK until 3pm, when C started to have chest pains, which didn't go away. So off he went in an ambulance to hospital just like last year! First lot of blood tests all OK but the second lot of blood tests showed what they called a  " heart event".
So here we go again, he is stuck in hospital while they do tests, of course being a weekend there are not many specialist people there, we will await news next week.

I'm still no keener on driving far than I was last year but plucked up courage to drive up to hospital this afternoon to take him things that we'd forgotten yesterday and realised that I could save myself 20 minutes stress by going the back way through the villages, leaving me only 10 miles on the main road. I came home on the main road and survived!

Our son and fiancee are here tonight to go to a birthday party and they brought a veggie Lasagne with them which saved me cooking - very delicious.

Back Tomorrow


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