Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ipswich on a Saturday? Are we Mad?

Going to Ipswich to shop in the town centre on a Saturday sounds totally crazy. But if we start out soon enough there is no traffic on the way in and the car parks are empty. We were there before 9am and home again not too long after 11am.

I've got to go to hospital for a chest X ray next week but with no definite appointment time - just a note to hand in and join the queue - it could be A Very Long Wait. Normally we try and do everything in one trip but as we also need to go to a couple of places on the outside of Ipswich and we didn't fancy doing that and indefinite hospital time as well as the town centre all on one day, hence the decision to venture there on a weekend. The shops were pretty quiet we got round quickly, The Grape Tree had some good bargains on fruit and nuts, I found two things to make small Christmas presents and Non Frugal Shock Announcement........ we treated ourselves to a coffee and toasted tea cake for a change.
We went to Aldi on the way out of town and stocked up for a couple of months on the things that are cheaper there
And in there I spotted these, which I need for a special reason
At the risk of sounding like a very old person..........In My Day wedding guests gave the happy couple presents, but now the happy couple give all the guests a party bag or wedding favour as I think it's really known as. And my job for our eldest's wedding next May is to make biscuits, LOTS of small biscuits. ( I hope this isn't supposed to be a secret.....whoops!.....please forget you read this!) The only cutters I had were normal round ones and a set of 3 holly leaves - not much good for a May wedding. All this lot were £2.99 and now I'm ready for mass production!

 If ever you feel the need to find out how much mess a half tin of treacle makes when it's tipped upside down without the lid being firmly fixed on. I can tell you it's quite a lot of sticky mess! That's what I found in the cupboard when I was putting the shopping away. Useful information........The best way to clear it up is to scrape it with a flexible bowl scraper and wipe it on some newspaper, before washing everything with hot water.

The day started dry here but I heard on the weather forecast that it was already wet in South West and Wales and the rain finally got here at 3 o'clock when the sky went dark, the temperature dropped by 5 degrees in just a few minutes and we had the first proper rain that we've had for over a month. Time to settle down with the Home Farmer Magazine and the library books. Autumn has definitely arrived on the Suffolk coast.

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I'm glad that lots of people like my library book photo every month
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