Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shutting the campsite for winter

Having decided to shut the campsite  2 weeks early I've been clearing up  ready for winter.
First job was to empty the dustbins and put them into the shed out of the weather. I've turned off the electric to the loos and shower, picked up the mats and put them in the recreation room and  cleared lots of old magazines from there into the recycling bin. I'll do the leaflets and pile all the books from the "library" into a box tomorrow.
The loo brushes all come into the utility room and have been washed in bleach and put away, floor bucket and mop into the shed. Shower curtain in the wash......and I was horrified to see how grubby it was on the shower side, I've only seen it from the other side so didn't realise, and I have a spare indoors so could have changed it.
Then I covered all the loos and basins with newspaper, after putting all the plugs in.........one less way for spiders to come in. They are the critters that make the most mess over the winter.
That just leaves the water to be drained out of everywhere sometime later.
Although we enjoy running the campsite it's always nice to have the place to ourselves again for a few months. I think we will be able to keep the campsite going, because now we have new toilets and the shower they only need a coat of floor paint each spring and the grass cutting every week.

Stepping out of the back door this morning I glimpsed a HUGE bird of prey circling just over the hedge in the  next field. I stood and watched for a couple of seconds wondering what on earth it was then realised it had a wire attached. It's a bird scarer! I knew the new farmer used them but we hadn't had one so close before. I'm not sure what the chickens will think about it.

I got around to shelling the Very Few walnuts that I managed to scrounge from the squirrels. They are going to be extremely fat squirrels this year, from a tree loaded with nuts this was all I got. So many were rotten or shriveled once they were shelled, the blinkin' furry tailed rodents have had all the good ones.

Look how words can come back to haunt you, this is what I said a week ago

It is so pleasing to know that if the chickens stop laying and if C does no work for anyone from now to April we will still be able to survive!

Cleaning out the big  chicken sheds is too big a job for me and C will not be able to do it for a while, so the chickens will have to go. We'll just keep a few in a small shed for eggs for us and friends. He'll also be banned from hedge cutting and strimming for a while so he won't be able to do much work either.
Just imagine if we had used all our summer income towards a shiny new one of these

Or a brand kitchen like this

 Or we could have had this in the garden

Phew! Thank goodness we put the money into savings for winter!

Thank you so much for all the comments again, sorry for not replying individually to everyone but I have read all good wishes and told C about them too.
He discovered this morning that the phones connected to the TVs that hang over the beds are free to use to land lines for a few hours each morning. So it was good to have a chat, we communicate by text most of the time. C hasn't bothered with shelling out for a TV card as its expensive and he has plenty to read anyway. That must mean that the people who do pay to watch TV are covering the cost of everyone else to phone! We don't mind that.

Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers, it's lovely to know people are thinking about him stuck in his bed.

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