Saturday, 25 October 2014

Value cheese - taste warning and a morning out

I saw this in Tesco, new to their value range and for £1 thought it was worth a try

OH Yuck and very yuck, really nasty.
Something seriously wrong with the taste. Not like any blue cheese I have ever tried before.
 I was debating whether to chuck it or if I could hide it in a quiche and had left it in the fridge. C opened the fridge told me it stank and threw it on the fire!
On reflection I think that was probably the best place for it.

Our morning out was to the Wyevale garden centre via the Auction rooms at Campsea Ash. Saturday mornings is when they have the viewing for their Monday general sales.
I have left a bid on one thing which, if I win, will be my Christmas present.
Onto Wyevale to use the £5 off £15 voucher, and I found 2 small things to go with money for our two nephews and bought some Tomato feed ready for next year.
The Garden centre has started to fill up with Christmas stuff
Do people really buy a whole new colour scheme of decorations every year? I suppose someone must buy them all or it wouldn't be worth their while taking up so much space.

Welcome to Boud, a new follower via Google and thank you for comments yesterday. Cro really made me smile :-)

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