Friday, 17 October 2014

The kindness of blogging friends.

I cured the computer charging problem by blowing in the hole on the side of the laptop and in the bit on the end of the cable that goes in the hole and hey presto all OK.

 Here's a message from the main man -

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments. We discovered Ipswich  Hospital has free WIFI so I now have my laptop with me and I am able to read your comments and blogs. It is lovely for both Sue and myself to read all your kind wishes from all over the world, this blog thing brings everyone close and into a large friendly family. I am still here in Ipswich hospital run by our wonderful NHS or as it turns out the No Hurry Service. The echo cardio results were good  as the new one matched the one I had 14 months ago. My Angiogram is due to take place on Monday but no promises have been made- Fingers crossed everyone. The food is reasonable good, a nice selection each meal time with fresh salads made on the ward and jacket potatoes at the evening meal which are delicious. Rice pudding, Semolina, Tapioca and other delicious delights for afters as we call them in Suffolk. The veg is the biggest disappointment as they are all small sliced or cubed frozen and boiled to within an inch of destruction. One thing I was told last time I was in was DO NOT EAT THE SAUSAGE.  We had sausage the other night and that warning still stands. The staff are brilliant and several are still the same as when I was here 14 months ago and it amazes me that when they first come round and see your name and face they say " what are you doing here again". How do they remember us all?  I am dreadful with names although I do recognize a face. 
Once again thank you all.

So that is a message from him, STILL in hospital STILL waiting to go for the angio-gram, although he thinks he is now pencilled in for first thing Monday morning although one man in the ward was due for an angio-gram on Tuesday and finally got there this morning. We are not sure when he will get home afterwards.
There is no point in either of us getting worried, annoyed or fed up with the situation so  I'm just chugging along here.

Our friend came along this afternoon and took away the 60 oldest hens, he sells them on to someone else. So that's one less shed for visiting 4 times a day, one less feeder to fill, one less thing  for me to think about.

I've put another few bags of cooking apples into the freezer, which is now full to the brim with fruit. That's going to be a huge money saver for us through the winter. Talking about money saving, being a person who likes to Be Prepared, I've been looking at Our Budget and seeing where we will make savings when we haven't got chickens etc. C is already thinking that we won't need the Jeep(hooray) if we don't need to pull a big trailer for hay. That would be a huge saving. We are not planning to do anything in a hurry and will see how he is in a few months. I've realised that without dozens of chickens it will be so much easier for us to get to our daughters wedding next May. Thinking positive is the thing!

Thank to everyone for saying what a handsome husband I have, Gawd knows why he married a short plump person, but as we've been together 35 years and had 3 lovely children I guess it must be all right. 

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