Friday, 24 October 2014

New socks..... I'm so easily pleased

Great new walking boot socks arrived today, I'm easily excited!
When I tried on my exorbitantly expensive new comfy boots a few weeks ago they gave me a pair of socks to use, they were lovely and comfy too so I bought a pair. All my old thick socks which I also wear with wellies were either lumpy on the heels where they had been mended, horrible around the toes because the seams went straight across or fell down when I walked because they were too old and stretched. I looked online and found the new Ecco socks with a 10% off voucher which made them cheaper than buying in the shoe shop. Now the old ones can go and my feet will be comfy for several years.

Also in the post another Christmas catalogue, all the way from the Inverawe Salmon Company in Scotland. We visited when we had a holiday there several years ago and now get a catalogue every year which is useful as it provides a present for our neighbour. She is a wealthy lady and doesn't need Things, so a pack of smoked salmon and various other bits from their smokery makes an ideal gift for her. She is very worried about how she will manage without C to do her odd jobs and gardening but hopefully he will get back to working for her in the spring.

Today was spent bread baking and moving chicken feed ( and a few other jobs too). We also took wild bird seed and peanuts over to our neighbough, they had been sitting here since we brought them home from the mill when we got chicken feed about 3 weeks ago. By scooping some out of each sack into another sack it made them easier for me to lift and tip into her bins. C took them in the trailer on the back of the mower and I did the lifting. I think lots of jobs will be done like this for a while.

There is only a week to go until Library day and I still have nearly all my books unread. Seem to have been a bit busy lately! This was finished this afternoon
Historical crime, the sixth in the series set in the fens during the 11th century. Her other series was set in Kent at the beginning of the 13th . Both have elements of the old pagan religions and supernatural happenings. It's interesting to read about the old ways of healing and how far people were able to travel, of course being fiction they don't need to be factually accurate but the author studied  archeologist at university so I hope they are well researched.

You will be pleased to know that this "mystery" plant growing under the bird seed feeder has gone in the compost, we didn't want to be raided!

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