Saturday, 18 October 2014

Summery Saturday in October

It was really warm here this morning, the thermometer on the outside of the kitchen window and in the shade said 19 degrees C, later the breeze got up and we had a bit more cloud. With such a good morning it would have been perfect to get started on pruning the gooseberries, but I just could be bothered! Instead I  nipped to Saxmundham for shopping, tidied a few things up from the empty chicken run, looked after the chickens we still have, chatted to our eldest who has come up from Surrey for the weekend,  looked at the Papercraft mag that H brought for me and my new Craft Creations Magazine which arrived in the post this morning and Whoopee Do! I have won a prize in one of the competitions - £20 worth of die-cut banners from their catalogue - very nice

I had 2 people call in to find out how C was and a phone call about the giant pumpkins. As long as the people who want them turn up to collect they are now all sold- thank goodness, as I'm fed up with looking at them outside the kitchen window.

That's my  news for today, just a quiet day, H took our youngest up to visit C and he is still OK.
I'm going to have a quiet evening watching Strictly.

Thank you once again for the comments and good wishes.

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