Thursday, 2 October 2014

Today and yesterday in words and pictures

First of the butternut squash went out for sale, priced at 75p for the smaller ones - just under 1kg, then £1 for middle sized and £1.50 for some huge ones almost 2kg. The first lot - 8 I think - sold so quickly I had to put labels on some more  and get them out too. We also sold the last 3 large pumpkins. There are a couple of dozen big ones still  a bit green and a few small ones to sell.
I made  Sweetcorn Relish first. It's a variation on piccalilli. Brilliant with burgers both veggie or meat.

If anyone can tell me how/why this picture turned round by 90 degrees from how it was in the file I would love to know and how do I turn it back again?
The Autumn raspberries are coming to an end. Just half a basin full today, so I got some of the apricots out of the freezer for my one of my five a day. So gorgeous, what an exotic treat. C is eating stewed apple at the moment, which is my least favourite way of eating fruit. We are bringing in a few eating apples  to eat too. I don't think there will be many to wrap and keep this year, the quality is awful. Hopefully we won't get too much windy weather to knock them all off the trees before they are ready.

 Do you remember me saying that I had to buy some biros as we'd not had any free ones? Lo and behold in the post today. From the Red Cross - how many tens of thousands of these do they send out? Presumably it's worth their while doing it. Today there were 2 greetings cards, the pen, a bookmark and a little note book.
This one turned round too- very odd.
My other main job was having a big sort out in the airing cupboard. Our youngest had borrowed the sleeping bags to go to a festival and when they came back they were just shoved in any old how. So I had a tidy up. Got rid of 4 old very faded pillowcases that were lurking and a sheet that's gone to the shed for future use as a dust sheet and found 2 pillows that I didn't know were there.

C was away down to the village early to move the irrigation stuff. Then he went to work for his customer in Leiston. He was putting the glass into the greenhouse and nearly got finished just needing to get one more pane which was a different size. He took the small trailer with him so as to pick up a couple of IBC containers because yesterday we had a phone call asking if we had any left. The bloke at the factory said they had loads waiting to be sold if  we wanted some more we could have them cheap. These 1000 litre containers are originally used for water soluble stuff like car cleaner and they get sold off when the taps are no longer good enough. For water storage they are still fine once they are washed out.  So after lunch he went back with the big trailer and came back with 8 more. We'll advertise them in The Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter.
  He was back out  to move the irrigator again at 4pm and when he got home decided to load the HUGE pumpkins onto the trailer, to bring them round to the front drive. This is how we got them onto the trailer, rolled them onto a board on the front forks and then rolled them off onto the trailer. Except for the BIGGEST which went on a board on a pallet to shift it.

  we went out of the top gate with me sitting on one pumpkin to keep the biggest steady and drove down to the house drive way. No other traffic around for those few moments - thank goodness. Now they are parked where everyone can see them  but Heavens knows if anyone will want them.

And Today
There have been people stopping to take photos of the pumpkins but no one has offered to take one away yet.

C decided to tackle taking down the old shed. I was needed to hold things while he cut them up and to load bits onto the mower trailer and into wheelbarrows and to tidy up afterwards - as usual. There is now a huge builders bag of wood for me to cut for kindling, bigger bits in the shed to be cut for the woodburner and a bag of rubbishy bits for burning sometime. All that's left is the concrete bases of shed and greenhouse to be broken up and removed.

View from kitchen  this morning 
and then a while later

C went to move the irrigation equipment for the final time, it's gone back to the farm and if we get all the rain forecast for next week it might not be used again this year. Then he was cutting grass for our neighbour and some here too.My jobs this afternoon were ironing and cleaning  indoors, eggs collected and sorted.

Our electricity meter was read at the beginning of September, but no bill arrived, so about 10 days ago I rang to ask why and gave the lady the meter readings and she said a bill would be on the way. Today we got a phone call querying the meter mans readings as it was extra high so I read it again and my reading was 10,000 less than the meter man!  So I'm SO glad that someone picked up the discrepancy, I would have had heart failure had a bill that big arrived. Hopefully it's now sorted and we will now get a bill and settle up. I don't like owing or being owed money. Which reminds me we must get in touch with the bloke who had all the round bale hay, he still owes us £900!

Library day picture tomorrow, I have at least 16 to pick up. *loud cheer*

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