Monday, 27 October 2014

Christmas Mincemeat

This is the recipe I use for my Christmas mincemeat for the all important mince pies

From Delias' Christmas cookbook

I used three-quarters of the recipe because the vegetable suet that came from Approved Foods are in 6oz bags ( a hundred and something grams - I don't do metric!) I used just 1 lemon and one orange. As with the puddings the cooking apples were our own, raisins and peel from AF, sultanas Tesco value range. I didn't bother with cinnamon as mixed spice has that in anyway.

It was started  yesterday and finished it today. While  cooling, before potting up, the kitchen smelt delicious.
There are two large jars for us and one for a gift.

 Lots of jobs done today. C decided he would be OK doing some grass cutting on the ride on mower and did 3 half hour sessions, with a rest in between, which has made everywhere look much tidier.
I did another bit of tidying in the polytunnels, every wheelbarrow full hauled out will make the final clear out easier,also got a basket full of ironing done and chopped a couple of sacks of kindling and a bit of cleaning too.We've had a lovely sunny breezy day and the washing was soon dry and indoors.

Yesterday a man came to collect the largest of the huge pumpkins, using a bit of board as a bridge he was able to roll it into the back of his van. I've no idea how he will get it out at the other end. I asked him what he was going to do with it, he said that his daughter liked to decorate the whole house and outside, so he was going to stand it by the front door with some other big pumpkins round it. He paid me £15, I was happy but he's obviously got more money than sense! All the four that I have sold have gone to people who want to display them outside in a " Look, We've got a bigger pumpkin than you!" sort of display. Well, if that's how they want to spend their money who am I to disagree. We still have one left which is due to be collected on Wednesday. The trailer has now been moved away from the front drive and kitchen window and we will go back to anonymity after weeks of having people stopping to look and take photos.

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