Sunday, 12 October 2014

Have You got a Money plant?

First of all I must say a HUGE thank you for all the good wishes everyone left in comments yesterday. C is still stuck in the assessment ward as the cardiac ward hasn't got a free bed, so they won't let him out of bed even to walk to the loo, although  he feels absolutely fine.
 ( For anyone who wasn't reading the blog last year C, who had never had a day ill for years, had something which started off as bad indigestion, turned into angina and ended up with him in hospital for 2 weeks waiting to go to Papworth heart hospital to have 2 stents done. After which he has been really fit and well for the last  13 months.)
I did suggest the other day that breaking up 4 inches of concrete with a sledgehammer wasn't a good idea and I expect he will swear that wasn't the cause of the new problems anyway! I had a try and couldn't even make a small dent. We shall be hiring an electric breaker and I will push the wheelbarrow to get the job finished! He can stick to driving the tractor.

Anyway back to the title of the blog. The weather is supposed to turn cold so I thought I had better bring my money plant in from the shed where it has been for it's summer holiday.
My money plant, jade plant or Crassula Ovata or Argenta ( I think) was sent to me in the post over 10 years ago.  A lady named J.K Sinclair wrote a book called " How I saved £3,000 a year from the household budget."which I borrowed from the library. I wrote to her to say I'd enjoyed the book and she sent me a tiny  plant, saying that ever since she had had a money plant in the house her finances had improved.
My plant is now so big it won't fit on the dining room windowsill where it lives in the winter and has to stand on this little table.

  I am normally hopeless with houseplants but succulents are very forgiving, they can manage for ages without water when I forget. As recommended by the lady it stands on 3 coins for extra luck. And yes, we are better off than we were 10 years ago!

Our son and his fiancee set off this morning to meet friends for lunch and then visit C. on their way home. They went out the gate and discovered the car was making a terrible noise so pulled into our other gateway to see what was wrong and discovered the suspension had collapsed, spring sitting on the wheel. So they came back and had lunch here while waiting for the RAC to turn up and take them right across Suffolk to their home.

What next?

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