Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fiddling about in the craft room

I would like to tell you about all the wonderful craft things I've done today but instead I've spent an hour just fiddling about in the craft room. I really went to tidy the desk which gets things dumped on it on the way elsewhere.
Then I

Wrote down what I'd got so far for presents in my Christmas book

Looked through my card box and sorted out birthday cards for everyone until the end of the year.

Found the  list of things I wanted to buy from Craft Creations using the £10 voucher ( for having a card in the readers gallery in the Magazine), but it's been laying on the window sill all summer and all the writing had faded away, so I shall have to start again.

Looked through my 3D  Decoupage sheets to see if I had enough to make 7 similar cards for my 7 Penny Pincher friends -no.

Looked in my box of material and wondered if I would ever be clever enough or have enough bits to have a go at patch work. To which the answer is probably NO as fabric is something I never buy because I know very well I'll not use it!

My problem is that I like reading more than any other hobby.

Is that really  a problem?

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