Monday, 13 October 2014

We have rain..........all day.

Rain and more rain and then even more.
I braved it to drive up to hospital this morning while C was still in the assessment ward - longer visiting times there. He has now been moved into the Cardiac ward, to await various tests, at least it's a bit quieter, not so many people coming and going.
Well, the "heart event" was a heart attack. Not good news for a fit 57 year old, so a few changes will need to be made here that's for sure. For a start he is not allowed to drive for a month and it will take a few months for him to get anywhere back to normal. More tablets too.

We had no one else booked for the campsite so I've shut the gate and closed up early, that gives me one less thing to think about, then I added our son-in-law to be  to our car insurance for a month so they can help out with visiting or whatever. I think we may go back to NFU Mutual insurance as I spent half an hour trying to get through to Saga, whereas NFU have real people in real offices locally who answer phones in the normal way, although Saga were much cheaper than NFU . So maybe not.

We will need to decide what we can carry on with and what will have to go, that will wait to sort out when he gets home. We would like to stay here for a while, because we've only just got all the fruit trees and bushes producing enough to last us through, I can't imagine anywhere else that would have a fig tree, raspberries, gooseberries, pears, plums and all sorts of apples.

Once again thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and the positive vibes from Bridget!


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