Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tomatoes on Tuesday

Yet another lovely sunny day here in Suffolk, we've been very lucky, missing out on the rain and storms that other places have had.
The first tomatoes from the poly tunnel were picked today, just 5 small ones, but it's a start.

We also picked 6lb of strawberries and I've been picking gooseberries on and off between bread baking and other jobs.

It's been a day of interruptions again, junk phone calls, people coming to the door for change and an elderly man on the campsite needing his car jump started and then the battery charged. Now we are happy to help with everything, but a please and thank you would be good. And they say it's the younger generation who have no manners!
One interruption I didn't mind at all was from our archaeologist son letting us know that a job he applied for  about 6 months ago - and didn't get,  has now become available again and he's been offered it. It's a community funded  project connected with the wartime airfields of East Anglia. His Uni. dissertation was all about how wartime airfields changed the landscape so this is right up his street, and as it's a 2 and a half year contract rather than the 8 month one he is on at the moment it will give them a bit of stability over where in Suffolk they can live.  Good news indeedy!

 I was doing a bit of blog hopping last night and found some which looked interesting that I'd not seen before and which made me wonder how I could find the time to read more than I do at the moment, so just a couple have been added to my blog roll for reading.  I may have to be like Cro and get up at 5am to do computery stuff......................or maybe not. Perhaps the connection would be better at that time of day, we are having some really slow days, especially when I come to add photos

Welcome to Connie and Mamasmercantile who are new followers on Google Friends and to new followers by Bloglovin'. I had a play around and managed to find the widget to say how many people are following by Bloglovin' too.

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