Sunday, 29 June 2014

New shed - Finished........or is it?

Whoopee do! I've moved everything into the new shed. It didn't take long to fill the extra space now available, and there's room to turn round without tripping over something. Quite a lot of rubbish was discovered in the old shed and has been chucked out and a few things have gone back to where they belong. My horse shoe and hag stones have been hung up to protect us from witches etc!

Almost Empty

Almost Full. The crate isn't for booze! but has a carpet tile wired on the underneath and makes a good seat for gooseberry picking and gardening.
  Yesterday when we had a downpour we realised that we've hit a problem with this new shed as the door faces southwest which is where the weather is most likely to come from. It would be OK if the door is always shut, but that is so unlikely here, it's more likely to be left hooked open. I wondered if it would be a good idea to extend the roof out a bit over the door and C said there was enough roofing and wood left to do it and we would only need to buy two tall posts.
 So there is a bit more work to do before we can do the kerbs and  paving outside the door. We already have everything we need for that job as C got a big job lot of paving stones, kerb stones and blocks from a local farm sale 2 years ago.

This morning was fine so we went off to the car boot sale and I came home with a few treasures.
Several metres of red cotton material with geese and flowers,  this was £4 and I will use some to make a couple of covers for my food mixer. ( We have lots of red in the kitchen but my present food mixer cover is blue and green- made from a tea towel). There will be a good amount left so I may do a giveaway sometime!
2 packs of Blue Cross Charity Christmas cards were 50p each,  an UGG hat was 50p and the carpet beater was £2. The watercolour painting looks like Walberswick - a seaside village just up the coast, that was £1.50 and the beautiful book " For the love of an orchard" was £1. A fantastic bargain as it's original price in 2010 was £25. I also bought something that will make a small present for someone at Christmas, but that's not in the photo for obvious reasons.

I just managed to get back from going round the field for egg collecting after lunch before a really heavy downpour started and went on and on. So I'm going to settle down with Athletics on TV, plan tomorrows blog post( Half Yearly Financial report) and then a bit of reading.
C said he has been waiting for rain so he can't work outside to give him time to clear up the workshop, but it looks as if he's changed his mind! Polly seems quite happy with this too.
Thanks for comments over the last few days
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