Monday, 23 June 2014

Life is just normal here

Bread roll baking was the first job of the morning as we were short of bread for lunch, then I did a couple of loaves too.

C did all the raspberry picking today and I put 5 x 250g punnets out for sale at £1.50 each. I looked on the supermarket price comparison site and see that Tesco have 250g for £2.50 and Asda have 150g at £1.50 so ours are cheaper but that's OK as customers who know they are getting value for money will come back for other things.

Also out for sale were gooseberries - we are heading towards the end now. Potatoes - we are just starting to dig the 3rd bed from the garden - Charlotte - really good size. 2 Cucumbers, a small cabbage and a bag of courgettes. Not forgetting 18 boxes of 6 eggs of course.

C did some hedge trimming at our neighbours until the battery ran out, her bigger hedge-cutter is away getting repaired so he can only do an hour at a time. He cut our grass here this afternoon and put a coat of wood preserver 'Seagrass', a turquoise/blue/green, on 2 sides of the new shed. I'll post a picture when it's had 2 coats all round.

Life seems to be settled into a summer routine, unlike this time  last year when C had all the heart problems.

I spent a while online looking at prices of 100% recycled loo-rolls. I'm feeling guilty for not using recycled like I once did. Nouvelle was the best - Ecoleaf,  Suma and Co-op seemed to block the drains. More recently I've been buying Tesco value packs of 6 which of course are not recycled.
There seems to be 101 ways of feeling guilty for purchases nowadays!
 I quite like bulk buying things like this, I usually send for Ecover Laundry Liquid and Washing up liquid in large amounts when Natural Collection have a special offer. I stick by these as they are better for septic tanks and the Eco-system, they don't smell nasty like some brands and they are concentrated so can be used sparingly. When I've seen costings for home made cleaners, Ecover comes out well in comparison.

I've answered the phone 3 times today, just to have it put down at the other end when I say " Fareacre Camp site" but luckily the other 4 phone calls have all been bookings for the campsite.

The rest of today has been spent watching the first day of Wimbledon. 3 big cheers!

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