Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Selling or freezing

Several times every year there is a decision to be made. Do we sell or freeze?

Last year I froze a lot of broad beans, lots of fat pods but with only one bean in meant that  the quality wasn't really good enough to sell. I'm not keen on broad beans, I think I went off them when I was pregnant with child 2 or 3 and never really got keen on them again. I eat them but given a choice I choose something - anything - else. C loves them but as I do the cooking I choose what veg we have! That's the reason there are still some of last years beans lurking. So I shall sell them this year and the 50p a bag we get will go towards the frozen peas I buy.

Then there's the raspberries. We eat as many as we can and I will freeze some but how many? A punnet of raspberries sells for £1.50 which makes 2 bowls full. Can I make a dessert in winter for less than £1.50? Should I take up all the freezer space with raspberries when there will be ( hopefully) pears, plums, apples and other fruit to go in later?

I don't want to go down the bottling route, been there, done that, had the failures!

I was looking at the walnut tree the other day thinking that this might be the one year in 5 that there are enough nuts to beat the squirrels so that we get to enjoy them too. A day later what hopped onto the front fence and up the plum tree? Yep, grey squirrel, the first one we've seen in the garden for several months. I went and chased him out, don't want him anywhere near that walnut tree.

Other trees with a rare good crop are our two apricots, we should have pruned them, they are far too tall, fruiting just on the ends of branches. I hope we will have enough for jam. The wasps will ruin them as soon as they are ripe enough to eat.

Thank you all for comments yesterday. I think there is a new follower on Bloglovin' but I've not been able to access the list for several days for some reason.

My posts seem to be a bit dull at the moment, I'm sadly lacking in ideas for writing anything interesting .

Back tomorrow


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