Thursday, 26 June 2014

Over packaged

The postman brought a parcel this morning, it was nearly shoe box size, what was inside?

Three tubes of lip balm! Slightly over packaged I think. This Yaoh hemp oil lip balm is the only one I can use without my lips stinging like crazy. I've tried all sorts including natural ones made with bees wax but they always end up being chucked out as they've irritated too much. Because of spending so much time outside I use lip balm summer and winter. Thank goodness for the internet because the shop I used to get them from closed down a few years ago.

I thought I had better do something useful while watching the fascinating game of tennis between Rafael Nadal and Rosol this afternoon so I got another dish cloth finished.

And What else has been happening here today?
C has got the shed finished ( apart from being short of guttering and shelf brackets), I'm just waiting for the coat of PVA that he has put on the floor to dry so I can move everything in.

Two tents arrived on the campsite - very unusual for us to have more than the odd tent now and again, building the shower has made all the difference.

Out for sale today just 5 bags of potatoes, 15 boxes of eggs and 2 punnets of raspberries.
Home produced eaten today - Raspberries, potatoes, salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, cauliflower, calabrese and broad beans.

Welcome to a new follower on Google, I can't seem to see who you are but welcome anyway and there are 167 on Bloglovin which I think is also one more but Bloglovin seems unwilling to let me in to see the followers list.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday and yes the flowers will turn into Aubergines as everyone knew. We have 10 plants in the polytunnel this year and they are looking very good. We will eat some  but sell several too.

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