Friday, 6 June 2014

Tennis or sitting out?

A beautiful sunny day here, completely different to the last few days. A big decision needed to be made - Watch the mens semi-finals from the French Open or sit outside in the sun?
I decided to do both and sat out for a while then came in to see Andy M thoroughly beaten by Rafa.
Oh well, it means he has more days to rest before Queens club next week.

Kev asked how many Gooseberry bushes we have, I think about 21 although a few are really old - more than the 22 years we've been here and are too close together so that I always forget how many. One is a red gooseberry which never does very much. And he asked if I could do a post about growing for profit. Yep - could do. I will add that to my list of drafts to do if only I had more days in a week.

C was hedge trimming at our neighbours this morning, weeding and enjoying the sun with me this afternoon. I'm not sure what I've been doing, must have got a bit of housework done and all the usual egg and campsite jobs.

Stats on selling and  self sufficiency today:-

Out for sale on the stall-by-the-gate today were 3 bags of fresh dug potatoes, 3 bunches of Alstroemeria flowers, 1 cucumber, 1 pointed cabbage, 3 pots of Basil,  4 punnets of gooseberries and 16 boxes of 6 eggs. Most sold.
Total income £28.50

 Homegrown  food eaten today - potatoes, beetroot, lettuce and salad leaves, herbs(in potato salad), peppermint (in tea) strawberries.( Just 2 and a half pound picked today)

Home produced and homemade eaten today bread, eggs, quiche, gooseberry and apple crumble.

2 caravans on site tonight and one tent due in later.

Washing dried on the line

Water heated by the Solar Water thingy on the roof.

NOT self-sufficient- using electric to watch tennis!

Money spent today £0

Back Tomorrow


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