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A Year In Books Link May/June

Linking in with Circle of Pine Trees - A year in books 

I planned to read some of my own recently acquired books in the first half of May.
 I'll just mention a couple that I finished. First read  was D.E Stevenson - The Two Mrs Abbots. First published in 1943 and featuring Barbara Buncle, who was the subject of two earlier books - Miss Buncle and Miss Buncle Married. I found a whole heap of DE  Stevenson paperbacks for pennies at a car boot sale and this was amongst them. It was chosen to read now simply because Persephone Books have recently republished it and it's set during WWII.  I enjoyed it as a  light read, very much of it's time although they were still  popular when I worked in libraries in the 1970s.
Neil Ansell - Deep Country. I first read when it was originally published a few years ago. It describes the Authors time living in a remote cottage in Wales. Mostly about the wildlife of the area. I enjoyed it second read too.

These were the library books I collected in Mid May
So far I've read
 Sue Grafton - Kinsey and me. Sue Grafton is the author of the American crime series of ABC murders featuring Kinsey Malone PI. This book is half short stories about Kinsey Malone half short pieces about the author.

Anna Quindlen - Still life with breadcrumbs. I think this was on someones book link last month, I liked the sound of it and ordered it from the library. A good read which I enjoyed. I'm no good at writing reviews so find out more about it here

Rory Clements - The Queens Man. This is the prequel to his series of 5 historical crime books about John Shakespeare (brother of William). Set in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st when "England is a Judas Nest of Conspirators ". According to the cover " a TV series based on these books is in development". I shall look forward to that.

Edward Marston - Ticket to Oblivion. This author churns them out. Historical crime (Victorian) written to a "recipe" about a policeman who is known as The Railway Detective.  They are readable.

Strangely I just couldn't get into the James Oswald book - Hangmans Song. I don't know why. Maybe it was just the wrong book on the wrong day. I enjoyed his previous two in this modern crime series.

If you like cats then I can recommend the Doreen Tovey books.

The others are still awaiting more hours in the day to read!

Back Tomorrow with my review of the month- looking back at May on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding.


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