Monday, 2 June 2014

Review of the Month - Looking back at May

Here is my regular look back at the ups and downs of life here on the simple Suffolk Smallholding.

  1.  Enough money  was earned to cover what we need for Junes budget
  2.  Food spending under budget
  3.  Other general household spending well under budget with £50 left in my purse, so.........
  4.  The Roberts radio was sent for and arrived.
  5.  A steady stream of campsite visitors all month 
  6.  21/31 were no spend days ( 5 spend days were car boot sales)
  7. We didn't travel far so no diesel put into Jeep all month
  8.  An offer of free delivery resulted in getting £63 pounds worth of goods for £27 from Approved  Foods
  9. 6 Jars of mixed fruit jam made using fruit from the freezer
  10. Lots of good books enjoyed
  11. Poly-tunnels  planted up
  12. A gift from a new blogger friend
  13. First potatoes and beetroot from poly-tunnel
  14. Peppermint tea from own plants
  15. Pumpkin and squash plants were planted out onto the field.
  16. New shed base done and framework started
  17. Several useful  things found at car boot sales
  18. C collected 6 more IBC water containers and sold 3 straightaway -quick profit
  19. Spare income saved to cover standing orders etc during the winter
  20. Able to borrow log splitter
  21. First strawberries of the season

Wind and heavy rain damaged the climbing French and runner beans, setting them back by a few weeks.
I made some Garlic Focaccia bread from a mix and burnt it!
The Camping and Caravanning club upped their prices for adding extra words to the entry in the Big Sites Book which I found extremely annoying.
Lots of nasty critters damaging plants this year.
Very few campsite bookings for June

I think I can say May was a good month for us. June brings Gooseberry picking and more Tennis on TV and the end of the hungry gap when the garden begins to be more productive.

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